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Martinborough Wine Walks are guided wine tasting experiences held in Martinborough Wine Village. Hosted by locals who eat, drink and sleep wine, they are passionate about providing customers with a unique wine experience that is entertaining, relaxed and informative.

The guide takes people behind the scenes to meet the winemakers, and sometimes local beer and spirit producers that are not usually accessible to the public. Customers get to taste their creations directly from the source and hear the winemakers and viticulturists’ individual stories.

“Trespassing (with permission!) through vineyards and dodging the occasional sheep...”

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This is a great experience and opportunity for you to immerse yourself behind the scenes in one of New Zealand’s best wine growing regions. Meet and talk with dedicated, passionate viticulturists and their winemakers in their element and in environments otherwise unseen. Taste sought after wines and dine on delicious local fare.

All tours may visit, but are not restricted to the selection of vineyards in the 5 tours below.

From $240pp

Includes tastings & lunch, with a glass of wine

Town & Around

26 Rows, Sei Cento, Brodie Estate tasting and lunch and Dry River

Roam the Loop

Martinborough Vineyard, Nga Waka, Palliser Estate winery tour, tasting and lunch, Muirlea Rise and Cambridge Road.

Mighty Meander

Ata Rangi winery tour, Margrain Vineyard tasting and lunch, Stonecutter and Colombo.

Te Muna Tramp

Escarpment, Te Hera, Julicher and Redbank Estate. Picnic lunch included.

Terrace Stroll

Devotus, Dry River, Poppies for wine tasting and lunch platter, Schubert and Cambridge Road.

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